Around this time last year I was taking my dog Gatsby to the dog park. I never expected I would adopt another dog a few days later, but I happily did. I met Emily at the dog park with her dogs and two she was fostering at the time. Emily was super friendly and nice to talk to you. Without talking to her, I never would have known about adopting a dog from her and actually getting to adopt the cutest little 5 pound ball of black fur. Once I saw little Simone, I was already sold. I thought she was still a little puppy, but Emily informed me that she was around the age of my dog Gatsby, which was a plus. I honestly wanted to just take Simone then and there since I was so excited about knowing I could have another furry friend. We then met up a few days later and made sure Simone and Gatsby would be a good fit. Of course they got along immediately and I got to take Simone home. The adoption process with Emily was very smooth and quick. We exchanged numbers the day I met her and then within a week, I had Simone. She informed me about Simone’s history so I was would up to date with her and be able to take care of her the way I should. If I would ever adopt again, I would adopt from Emily in a heart beat.


Simone’s Mom, Cara