Emily called me and said she’d found a puppy. My immediate response was “Bring it over, now.” The moment Emily pulled into my driveway and emerged with a little 3-pound ball of fluff, anything seemed possible. My life seemed different. That little rain cloud that had always followed me began to dissipate. Over the first year of Eevee’s life, Emily helped me train Eevee, cared for her whenever I was at work, and helped financially whenever I needed assistance with vet bills. Eevee has been my emotional support animal for 6 years, and I can honestly say my world is a brighter place because of her.

Eevee was very sick when she entered my life. as was I. Though our ailments differed, our sufferings were one and the same. Over the course of that summer, we healed together. Together we learned the meaning of unconditional love. Together we learned to trust. To say Eevee changed my life is an understatement. We have grown and become amazing help to our community. Eevee serves as a therapy dog on occasion at my place of work, for individuals with mental disabilities. And in return, I help save her four-legged friends with every extra dollar I make and every spare moment I have.

With Eevee by my side, everything is possible.


Eevee’s Mom, Sarah