Raining Cats and Dogs!

It’s been a busy week here, as always!

Momma Marmalade and her five kittens came in on Friday, and all are doing well with supplemental feeds! She is grooming them and caring for them despite the fact that she is very young and extremely underweight. It’s likely that her poor body condition contributed to her inability to lactate.


Wizard, Cookie, and Peanut are all doing really well in their foster homes, and Wizard already has an interested applicant!


We’re doing some pretty big things with our local wildlife rescue center, which we’ll update on later!



Finally, we’re meeting one of our rescue friends to take in another momma kitty, Juniper, who gave birth to five kittens outside… tragically, despite her rescuer’s best efforts, only two kittens survived the outdoors long enough for her to bottle feed, but they did not survive either. Juniper’s story is a reminder of why spaying and neutering is SO vital to healthy pets. On top of Juniper’s entire litter passing away, Juniper has multiple health concerns of her own, including a severe eye infection and retained fetal tissue, that we are addressing. So far her vet bill is already $175. If you would like to contribute to Juniper’s care, please visit our YouCaring page!

We will share photos of Juniper later!



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