Adopted!: Stella the Chihuahua

Stella is awesome! Born February 1st, 2017, Stella is still young, learning and growing before our eyes! We can’t say quite what it is about her, but she has really charmed everyone she’s met since coming to foster two weeks ago. Stella goes nearly everywhere with us, to the park, to brunch, to the store, and to the greenhouse! She even likes to shower when we do.

Stella is a silly girl who loves to cuddle, rides well in the car, and greets every day with enthusiasm! She is nearly fully potty trained and has had her first vaccinations. Weighing in at a whopping three pounds and six inches tall, we would prefer a home for Stella without children under ten years old due to the fragile nature of a chihuahua’s bones.

Stella would be an excellent candidate for a therapy or service dog!

To adopt Stella, apply here!



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